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101 On Military Grade Connectors

Hermetic and military grade connectors are developed for use in harsh condition. Hermetic connectors are air and gas-resistant and can therefore be used at high altitudes, under extreme pressure and in the most severe weather conditions. Both of these connectors are mostly applied in military settings an can be found in diverse sizes and shapes.

The main purpose of military grade connectors in the military is to aid electronic warfare and communication services. These two types of connectors can be found worldwide, although Americans probably design and develop most of them.

Types and Specifications

Military and Hermetic connectors are built to meet the requirements and specifications of the military. They therefore contain a part number which makes them easily recognizable. The most common types of connectors that are used in the military include hermetically sealed connectors, filtered connectors, I/O connectors, PCB connectors and circular connectors.

Military Grade Connectors

Use of the connectors

There are different fields in the armed forces where military connectors can be applied. These include electronic warfare, marine and airborne guidance, radar, navigation and communication. As technologies continue to improve, better military connectors are being developed to meet the varying needs for the military. Designers have also steadily improved the function and style of both hermetic a military connectors over the years. These connectors have become smaller and lighter, and a lot of improvements have been seen on the bandwidth and security. The energy consumption by connectors has also incredible decreased. These developments have made connectors more durable and capable of weathering harsh forces and environmental conditions. Today connectors are a crucial tool for soldiers as they depend on them for a lot of things.


There are special products that are normally used in enhancing the strength of hermetic connectors. The fiber optic technology is one such example which is used to ease communication systems. They are credited for being noise-roof, have a large bandwidth, ability to support communication over long distance and also their versatility that allows for their use in data, video and voice.

Quality manufacturers are also including the use of Ingress Protection (IP) in the latest designs to ensure durability of the connectors. This technology consists of extra screw lock mating and a strain relief which enable strong and compact connections. The use of copper Ethernet cabling and jacket compounds able to withstand harsh mechanical abrasions and UV rays are also among the many technological improvements in the manufacture of these connectors.

The Bottom line

Hermetic military grade connectors are a valuable tool especially for our armed forces. They have been designed to work as assistant for our solders and make it easy for them to accomplish their many tasks.

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