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Build Your Own Stylish Summer House and Save Money

There’s only one way to make the most of your garden this year, and that is to get out there amidst the plants and scenery. Spending time in the garden is something we don’t do enough. We do seem to work out there for hours on end but rarely do many people sit and enjoy the fruits of their labour. photo Building a summer house is a great way to encourage you to go out there for a few hours and make the most of mother nature while watching the kids do what they do best; play. Sheds are fairly cheap buildings to buy and erect yourself.

Call a shed a summer house, however, and the price almost doubles. Yes, the summer houses in the lower price range have more trimmings than the sheds but they are usually shed quality, so I find it hard to justify the price increase. Here, we are going to go through the process of building your own summer house for a fraction of the cost you will pay at the shops. The tools required are only basic and can be found at http://www.lbsbmonline.co.uk/ and many other online retailers.

 Stylish Summer House

Power You are going to need electricity in the summer house. This will involve burying a cable from the main house to the location of your summer house. The cable should be encased in electrical conduit and buried at least 45cm deep.

The Base Your summerhouse will withstand damp better if it is placed on a solid base.  Dig about 20cm of soil out from where the base is going to be laid. Place a thin layer of hardcore in the bottom of the hole. Using a compactor, that can be hired for a day, firm the hardcore down. Next, place a waterproof membrane down and fill the hole with concrete, getting the top as level as you can.

The House The summerhouse will be your own design. Build it in sections as you would a shed. The only difference is that you should use standard sized door and window frames to raise the quality above shed level. Use shiplap cladding for a better finish. If you aren’t a keen woodworker, draw your design and purchase the materials. There will then be a queue of men willing to help. I don’t know why, but men love building sheds. Fit a good quality door too. Of course, you can carry on further by insulating the walls and boarding out the inside. Embellishments can be added, such as window boxes and handrails.

Enjoy There is no need to go to any great lengths with regard to wiring in your summerhouse. Table lamps will be fine for lighting. The floor could be covered with sea grass matting or even laminated boards if you wish. Dress the summer house as you would a conservatory; maybe some gorgeous blinds at the windows and even drapes. Cane furniture fits well into summer houses too so you will have a comfortable seat in the new surroundings.

Having a structure where you can sit in another part of the garden gives you a whole new perspective on your land. it’s a great way to go out for the day and stay at home all at the same time. The kids will love it as a novelty, and it is a great way to keep them occupied on sunny days. So go ahead, save cash and build your own. Over to you!

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