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A bunk bed is a bed which has been set in a way that another bed is stuck on top of another. The reason or nature behind this set up is to allow many people to get their sleep in the same or inside a small-sized room. They are used in places which need some kind of accommodating many people but in a limited space.

These areas may be; dormitories, big ships, prisons camps etc. They are prepared with enough stability with four support posts fixed at every corner of the bed. For easier or efficient use of the top bunk, a ladder may be used. The top bunk is made safer and free from any falling by providing a railing all-around the bed. These days the models are more attractive because the lower bed is provided with a curtain, mainly for privacy purposes and the efficiency for fixing the curtain. It is mostly recommended that the upper bunk should be used by mature persons, mostly at least from above eight years of age. These bunk beds are of different types and shapes. These include; THE STANDARD BUNK BED. This is known to be the most common since it is used in many places.


It is made in a way that the lower bed is similar and equal to the top one. The standard bunk type is made in different styles. For example, it can be made in a way that the top bed is the complete bed but the lower one is convertible. That is, it can substitute to a couch and can be used during the day but during the night, it is used as a bed. It is known as the futon bunk bed, and this style is commonly known as the western style. THE L-SHAPE BUNK BED.

This is a bunk bed which when viewed from the top forms the L-SHAPE. It is efficient in limited spaces and reduces the space occupied by the bed. This is because it can be folded and can fit on the top bed. The lower space can be used to put other items such as tables, desks, basins, or any other extra item. A LOFT BED.

It’s a bed which has only the upper bunk but it is placed at least bigger feet higher than the normal beds. This creates a bigger space underneath. Space can be used for other functions or can act as a working area. These types may be more expensive compared to other bunk beds because they are mostly inter-connected with some drawers which one can use for other functions.

TRIPLE LOFT BUNK BED.As from the word, it’s made with three bunks, whereby they form an L-SHAPE. Their price will range due to models or material used to construct them. Some are made from metals, wood or even plastic. If you fall into the category of people who spare the space of the room, try to get a bunk bed to get the solution for your many questions. They are safer and economical too.

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