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Commercial building materials – Advantages and Disadvantages

Commercial buildings are protected with different kinds of roofing that is a building material. This roofing is used to prevent rainfall and other harsh weather conditions from destroying the building. The materials used in roof building come from both natural and synthetically produced products. Every material used has its own merits and demerits. When considering a commercial roof company, consideration should be given to the factors like cost, strength of the material, color combinations and environmental conditions in the relevant area. Now-a-days, people prefer environment friendly materials.

Commercial building materials


 This type of roofing is made with multiple overlapping structures. These shingles may be of different materials like asphalt, slate, metal, wood and plastic. Asphalt shingles are made up of petroleum and their price varies with that of petroleum. This type of roofing normally lasts from 20 to 50 years. Wood shingles, as the name suggests, are made from different types of wood. But they pose high risk of fire. Slate shingles are made of slate. This kind of roofing is very long lasting as slate is highly water and fireproof. These roofs may last for more than 700 hundred years. Slate absorbs very small amount of water, hence it is more resistant in harsh weather conditions. As it can easily be cut into different shapes, it can be used in complicated designs too. But slate shingles are very expensive in terms of cost. As they require expert labor to nail them, the final cost increases due to expensive labor and material used. But due to its durability, it does not require much maintenance after installation. Asbestos shingles can also be used in commercial roofing due to long life spans and low costs but due to health related issues, they are hardly used in building.

Metal roofing

As the name implies, metal roofing is made from different types of metals like steel, copper and their alloys. Metal roofs can last for centuries so, if we talk about the long run, metal roofing can be cheap in terms of cost. With correct insulation, metal roofing can insulate heat; keep the temperature of the building low, hence, save power. Metal is inflammable so it eliminates the risk of fire. It is very resilient and can also be recycled, so it saves a lot of money. As metal corrodes, it requires maintenance.


This roofing is made of vegetation like rushes, heather, straw, grasses and leaves. Its main advantage is the easy access. As natural materials are used is this kind of roofing, they are easily available. Thatch is light weight too and can cover any kind of structure due to its flexibility. As thatching is labor intensive, it becomes very expensive to do such kind of roofing. It is also more vulnerable to fire and other natural calamities as compared to other synthetically produced materials. Thatching is used by a commercial roof company to give a rural and plain look to the building.

Plastic and ceramic tiles

They are also used in roofing these days. They are very durable but the cost is high.

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