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Easy Ways to Give Your Yard a Makeover

It seems as though every human being is perfectly capable of achieving anything they set their mind to, but, and these are some big “buts” for most people, there’s not enough time or money to achieve them. The reality is that there’s not enough creativity because money and time simply speed up the process of whatever it is you want to accomplish, so use your imagination and creativity to be a bit more resourceful. One of the areas in which people struggle the most is in maintaining and improving their front and backyards, so in this article we will discussing some simple and often inexpensive ways of giving your yard (whether front or back) a makeover.

Yard a Makeover

Ways to Give Your Yard a Makeover

1. Build a Fire Pit: Building a fire pit in your backyard should only cost you at most a few hundred dollars for the stones. You can go to a local forestry area to collect wood or simply go on Craiglist and search for “free” wood. Think of a fire-pit both as simply a way to gather around at night and maybe roast some marshmallows, but also like a miniature statue in your backyard.


2. Add Mulch: Mulch will give your backyard a finished look because of its uniformity. It will also prevent weeds from growing and a few bags are not that expensive. You can spread it yourself by using some gardening gloves and a rake.


3. Place Decorative Items: These items include anything from elves, to lady bugs, or roosters. You can create a small animal scene if you’d like, for example a ceramic dog chasing the roosters or something similar, just don’t overdo it. You can create these yourself as an extra DIY project or get them for cheap on the internet.


4. Add A Flower Bed Border: We’ve seen plenty of yards and backyards where there’s no way to tell where the flower bed starts or ends, other than by looking at the dirt that is slowly seeping onto the grass. If you add a tile or stone bed border, not only will it look good but people will see the division.


5. Choose More Evergreens: This is clearly the best of the five tips we’ve provided on this article because with evergreens all you have to do is water them and they will stay green year round. While your neighbors poorly selected plants die off or start to show brown leaves, you will happily show green plants and shrubs every year for as long as you live in that house.

Like we mentioned in the introduction, most people make the excuse of not having enough money or time for proper landscaping but it is often our brain that sabotages us into taking action. If you set aside a few hundred dollars or sacrifice shopping or spending money on something else, we assure you that you can make a difference in your yard mowing which can also add some value to the house.


In conclusion, in this article we discussed the idea of giving a makeover to your front or backyard. You can do things like add a fire pit or simply outline the flower bed to give you yard a “pop” and an improvement in its aesthetic. All you have to do is save up some money, it doesn’t have to be a lot, look for the most inexpensive solution to each of the things we listed, and set aside a few hours every weekend. In a month or so you will see a huge difference, especially if you take some before and after photos.

Author Bio : Sarah works for yourgreenpal and she loves writing about lawns and gardens.

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