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Every Homeowner Needs a Budget

Between bills, house mortgage, kids, food, car repairs and everything else that pops up there never seems to be any money left over for savings, emergencies or for yourself. Do you know where every penny you earn goes? If you don’t know than it might be time for you to consider creating a budget.  Without a budget to work off of how can you know if you are living with in your means or if you are spending more than you are making? Next question, what is a budget? A budget is a summary of your income and expenses usually for a given time frame such as a month. It is set up in a spreadsheet with rows and columns for items and costs. Why would you want to create a budget? Making a budget is vital so that you know where your money comes from, how much you have to work with and where it needs to go each month. With a budget, there are no surprises because everything is itemized on your spreadsheet. According to an article by Investopedia, some additional reasons for creating and maintaining a budget include: allows you to make short and long term goals, helps you save for retirement, guarantees you don’t spend money you don’t have, helps you to budget extra money in case of an emergency, sheds the light on possible bad habits, and helps you to sleep at night knowing that your bills can be paid each month.

Every Homeowner Needs a Budget

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