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Is It Better To Buy Real Wood Furniture?

When choosing new furniture for your home, what type should you go for? Should you go for the cheap option such as flat pack or imitation wood or should you invest more of your money in better quality furniture instead? We asked solid wood furniture manufacturers, Priest Brothers.

I suppose initially it will depend on the budget available. If you are starting your first home you may be short of funds, in that case you may have no option but to get as much furniture as possible for your money. However, this type of furniture is never constructed in a way that will last and in just a few years time you’ll find yourself needing to replace it. On the other hand if money is not so much of a problem then there is no doubt the better option would be to invest in some good quality pieces of real wood furniture.

Buy Real Wood Furniture

Investing in solid wood furniture has many advantages. Not only will it be constructed in a much better way that the flat pack variety, it will also last so much longer. It will generally come as a piece of furniture ready to use and won’t require you to get to work with a screwdriver. It will have a pleasing random appearance to the grain unlike imitation wood where the same pattern is repeated several times over. It will also improve in appearance as it ages taking on a more mellow look over the years, unlike the imitation alternative that will start to look worn and tatty the more it is used.

It’s also possible with real wood furniture to get pieces made to blend in or match your other items. This is a great option that means you can add to your collection over the years as your needs change without the need to replace the whole lot.

For many, going down the route of purchasing high quality, bespoke solid wood furniture enables them to have their home exactly how they want it! Prefer Oak over Pine? No problem! Need a wardrobe to fit a peculiar sized space in your bedroom? No worries at all. The limits are often only your imagination when it comes to bespoke solid wood furniture and so long as you’re working with a specialist manufacturer who can turn your brief and ideas into a reality, you’ll end up with fantastic pieces for your home.

Yes, it does cost a little more to go down the bespoke route, however in every way it’s worth it! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, however and it’s an investment well made. Solid wood furniture will not only look far nicer than flat pack but will last a lifetime if looked after. Flat pack uses the cheapest materials and flimsy fastenings, however going down the solid wood route ensures long-lasting, quality pieces to transform your home.

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