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Maintenance Tips for Your Home Furnace

According to statistics, most home heating systems are maintained in a wrong way. As a result, they are not efficient and lose about 50% of their power. In this article you will learn about the important maintenance needs of any furnace.

According to Simply Green reviews it is always better to ask a professional to inspect your home heating system. There are many things that you as a non-professional homeowner may miss during the inspection and later on pay for the inattentiveness. However, it is very easy to change air filters on a regular basis and this is something you need to do on a regular basis. For this reason below you can find extensive information about filters and their replacement and maintenance needs that are easy to handle without professional help.

Maintenance Tips for Your Home Furnace

Before you begin it is of utmost importance to ensure that the fuel supply and electrical power are turned off before you start any inspection or maintenance on the furnace. If you do not know where the fuel supply is, read instruction and turn it off before proceeding with your enterprise. In the same way you should also turn off the electrical switch. After the inspection is complete, do not forget to turn these systems back on.

And now coming to the actual inspection point. From the common knowledge you should understand that dirty filters will cause excessive strain on your furnace system, increase home heating costs and in general reduce the lifespan of your equipment. So your goal is to make sure that your furnace filters are always clean and ready for operational needs. Below you will find some general guidelines for filters maintenance:

• Fiberglass filters require monthly careful examination during the operational time.
• If you have pleated filter, it will last no longer than three months.
• Clean all sorts of filters monthly by washing and rinsing them
• Ensure that the pilot light is burning.
• In case you furnace requires manual turning off and you experience difficulties with this matter, call a professional for advice or examination.
• Vacuum out your blower and ensure that no dust or debris is in and around the unit.
• Do not forget to lubricate the blower motor.
• Turn off the fan and remove the flame shield to check the burner for any signs of corrosion.
• Ensure that there are no gaps or dents in the flue as well as verify its proper venting to the outdoors.
• All the dust from the air registers located around the house must be dusted.
• Verify condition of the motion and make sure that they all are clear of drapes, furniture rugs, etc. in order to let the air flow freely.

Filter Information

If you still have no furnace at home but consider installing one, experts from Simply Green Toronto crated a short list with explanations bout basic types of filters:

• Spun Fiberglass Filters
o the least expensive
o disposable filters
• Pleated Disposable Filters
o more costly
o have four to eight times better filtering capability than the previous type
• Washable Electrostatic Filters have
o high initial cost
o re-useable
o offer much higher filtration rates
• Electric Filters and Mass Media Filters
o superior filtration
o require modification to the ductwork for installation

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