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Silverfish Breeding Patterns and Prevention Tricks

If you have ever cleaned up your kitchen, or shelves, you have probably encountered a few uninvited home guests. May it be ants, cockroaches or silverfish, these little insects find comfortable living in dark, humid places, where there is also food. Silverfish are probably the least dangerous of house pests, but they are equally disgusting.

They are super-fast, gross looking, and many home owners consider them to be a real nuisance. The good news is that you can remove them from your house with little chemical effort. But the true challenge is to keep them away to begin with. In order to understand how you can protect your home from them, and before you start a full-fledged silverfish extermination, let’s take a look at the things they like, and their breeding patterns.

Silverfish Breeding Patterns

Environment and Temperatures we mentioned earlier, silverfish are not harmful to humans, but they should be immediately dealt with. They are not pretentious when it comes to hiding places: they will make a home in just about any corner that is dark, damp and cool. Like every animal on the planet, it needs food and water in order to survive, and it will munch on anything it can find in the home.

What you will want to do is create an environment that silverfish won’t thrive in. This means ensuring that there are no moist places in the house, and keeping food tightly sealed in containers. As far as temperature is concerned, silverfish love places that are between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, keep the house cooler than this temperature in order to eliminate them.

How do they get in the House? The most common reason why silverfish appear in our homes is neglect. There is a reason why our parents insisted that we are tidy and clean. There is a reason why we store food in the fridge or boxes. Most of the times, silverfish are attracted by untidy houses, so you should make sure that you keep your home as clean and dry as possible. Another way that silverfish can enter the home is YOU. Silverfish love paper (like termites).

They would chew on it all day long. If you are carrying a lot of books, check them before entering the house. These pests are small, fast and easy to miss.ReproductionThere are several types of silverfish and their habits vary greatly. In most situations, the male lays spermatophores which is taken into the ovipositor of female specimens. As for egg numbers, this can vary greatly. Certain species lay a few eggs a day, while others lay clusters of 2 to 20 eggs.

Prevention and Control the first thing you need to do if you are faced with silverfish infestation is to find where the little pests are lurking. Since they are nocturnal, you will probably not find them during the day, so you should look for them after dark. Small holes and yellowish stains on clothing, cereal boxes and other cardboard materials may indicate a nest nearby. After you find them, there are several ways you can eliminate them. I prefer repellants and insecticides, but other people set up paper traps or other natural methods. After you have managed to remove them from your home, you should make sure to clean the home thoroughly, and maintain cleanliness.

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