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Things to Remember When Painting a Commercial Building

If you are interested in painting a commercial building, it is important for you to proceed carefully. Choosing the right colors for a commercial building’s exterior paint job is not as easy as it is for a residential location.

Different color practices and legal requirements may necessitate a different approach. Though bolder colors may work great with homes, they may attract the wrong type of attention with a building.

No matter your field of business, keeping a few general guidelines in mind can be one of the best ways to choose good colors for your installation.

Painting a Commercial BuildingPlan Ahead for the Size of the Commercial Building

Not only are commercial buildings less versatile to paint, but they are also often much larger than residential properties. This means that size should always be a consideration when you choose paint colors.

You do not want colors that will become tiresome to look at, but you also do not want anything too garish or vibrant. Choosing the right neutral tones can be one of the best ways for you to design your building’s exterior.

Select colors that can complement the business logo and whatever exterior signage you may have around.

Try to go for elements that may also stand out against the central color scheme present throughout the building’s exterior. Your trim and doors may have a seriously pronounced effect on the colors that you choose.

Think About the Primary Surface Materials

Not all paints are designed to work well with all surfaces. Depending on whether your building has a rough or a smooth primary exterior surface, you may need to plan ahead for your colors. There are many different types of exterior textures that your building could have, and not all of them are meant to work with all types of paints.

This applies not only to the color of the paint but the chemical composition as well. Do your research and always take the time to consult with the painters before you get started in order to get the most out of your plan.

Incorporate the Surroundings

What natural environment surrounds your commercial property? Think about the fixtures that are present around your building and try to plan ahead to better include them in the design process.

This means taking the time to not only inspect the surrounding buildings but also the decorative fixtures.

Things such as trees, benches and other elements can all play a role in determining how your building will look alongside them. Choose colors that can accurately reflect the nature of your building and the street in order to create stronger sense of business recognition and authority for your brand.

Speak to Commercial Painters

Like any other major project, it is strongly recommended for you to speak with the appropriate professionals. Before finalizing the details of what you want your painters to do, ask them for their professional opinion and what they think will work best for your building’s exterior.

Never underestimate industry experience and what a discerning eye can do for you if it is your first time painting your building. Be sure to think about the nature of your business and how your building will be associated with your image.

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