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Vinyl Upholstery – For A Cushy Experience

Vinyl upholstery has garnered widespread attention as theproduct that is used to replace leather.

Vinyl is a petroleum product that has a foam like structureand is about one-eighth to one-sixteenth thick.

Over the years there have been many developments in its manufacture and usage.

Vinyl is a much more recent product. Earlier upholsteries used to be made either from cloth, nylon or leather.

Vinyl Upholstery

Vinyl upholstery vs Leather upholstery vs Nylon Upholstery

Vinyl is much more cheaper and more durable than leather. And given that the look and the feel of vinyl is so much like that of leather, vinyl seems to be a much more liable option. It is for this reason that vinyl is known as ‘Faux Leather’ or ‘leatherette’.

Vinyl being a synthetic product, can be manufactured in a variety of colours and patterns.

Vinyl materials are non-absorbent. You can easily wipe of any blot or stains off vinyl materials. But leather seats are extremely difficult to clean and repair. Especially if any liquid falls on it, it will get absorbed into the foam of the seat cushion. Even though nylon is a synthetic fabric, it is extremely porous and does not stick to the body during hot climates. And since it is porous it is also harder to clean off any liquids that might have fallen on it.

However,vinyl upholstery can be very difficult to sit on especially during the summers. It can stick to your skindue toyour body sweat and also it does not allow the skin to breathe. Leather on the other hand is a porous material and it provides a cooling effect under the hot summer blaze and it does not stick to the skin. Also nothing smells better than leather materials.

Leather upholstery vs Nylon Upholstery

If you leave the vinyl upholstery out in the scorching sun for too long, it will crack. And these cracks look really ugly. Also they are not easy to mend and after a little while longer, it will feel as though you are sitting on plastic.

Vinyl is resistant to fire and water. It is also resistant to certain chemicals.

Vegans and animal lovers support vinyl products over leather products om the grounds of animal cruelty.

But vinyl will never hold the same status as leather. Even though leather stretched over time, the stretch marks give it its unique identity.

You cannot easily dispose off vinyl products. It does not decompose easily into the environment. Upon burning it releases a foul smelling gas that is harmful to the environment.

Leatheron the other hand, is made from cow skin. Leather seats look and feel much more classier. If you’ve got a car with leather seats, it will have a much higher resale value.

Although leather products are expensive and require more maintenance, they definitely are an investment.

Vinyl upholstery is used for hospital beds, wheelchairs because it is non-absorbent to the patient’s body fluidsand also easy to clean and disinfect. It particularly works for patients suffering from incontinence since the surface can be easily wiped dry.

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